Propane-butane cylinders

For over 30 years, one of the main products in our company’s product range have been propane-butane cylinders. From the beginning, we have put maximum emphasis on the safety and correct filling of the cylinders. We offer long-proven steel cylinders as well as the most modern composite bottles produced in the Czech Republic.

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Types of cylinders

This solution represents a beneficial alternative for those who want to achieve energy independence from natural gas or expensive electricity. Propane can be used for space heating, cooking as well as water heating.

pb bottles are suitable for grilling

Information on PB cylinders

As the name suggests, this cylinder is intended for use in caravans or for camping, mainly due to its weight, but it is being increasingly used across the whole range of PB applications.

The bottle contains 10 kg of propane and is produced in the Czech Republic.

For more information about the caravan composite 10kg cylinder click here..

pb bottle 10 kg caravan composite

The blue “bomb” – the name under which the 5 kg bottle was launched by our company caught the eye, as did the possibilities of its use and its versatility. The bottle has become a perfect alternative wherever the standard 10 kg steel bottle does not fit.

pb bottle 5 kg blue bomb

2 kg, 10 kg and 33 kg bottles filled with a propane-butane mixture are the most widespread and longest-used bottles in the Czech Republic. 2 kg cylinders are used as a small mobile gas source. The 10 kg bottle is the most popular steel cylinder in the Czech Republic. The 33 kg cylinder is, mainly due to the amount of gas supplied in it, intended for technologies with higher needs for gas, as a temporary energy source or for mobile devices in hard-to-reach places

Our company also offers the option to rent a Lasta station where these cylinders can be interconnected.

If there is a greater need for evaporation or a heat demand, another option is to use bottles filled with heating propane. 10 kg steel cylinder filled with 11 kg of heating propane and 33 kg steel cylinder filled with 33 kg of heating propane.

steel heating bottle 2 kg or 10 kg or 33 kg can be used in plants

The youngest of the cylinders supplied by our company. It is a long-proven composite cylinder for powering forklifts, fitted with a valve that allows the cylinder to be safely and quickly connected to an adapter that can be easily fitted to most equipment powered by standard forklift cylinders. For more details about the composite PB cylinder, click here .

A modern bottle made of lightweight materials equipped with a safety valve with an emphasis on maximum safety and low weight. This bottle is gaining increasing popularity in the Czech Republic mainly due to the growing need to reduce the weight load for employees changing the bottle. This cylinder is intended only for driving forklift trucks.

Most customers currently use the steel lightweight anti-corrosion forklift cylinder with a capacity of 11kg.

Both the dimensions of the cylinder and its volume remain identical to the regular cylinder. It is made of high-quality steel, but compared to the regular cylinder, its weight is reduced by 20%. It is extremely safe and useful even in very demanding operations.

anti-corrosion propane butane bottle is very popular

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the propane butane bottle finds a use in every household

Whether you need to safely refill a propane-butane cylinder that you have been using for years or you are looking for a cylinder for your new appliance, you are in the right place. We have for you the smallest 2 kg PB bottle as well as a larger propane-butane cylinder weighing 10 kg and other options. Do you already know what you need?

In some places, cylinders can be rented on the basis of a deposit. You pay a deposit for the bottle and use it without additional fees, amortization, etc. and when you don’t need it any more, you return it together with the receipt and get the full deposit back. If you rent a cylinder from us, you can exchange it for a full cylinder all around the Czech Republic.

At our sales points, you will find cylinders filled according to applicable standards and always provided with a seal. We always pay attention to safety and quality.

Bottles for comfortable camping and carefree cooking

The 10kg gas cylinder is suitable for camping and for your motorhome

Due to its weight, this cylinders is mainly intended for use in caravans and RVs. However, it can also be used for barbecues. It contains 10 kg of heating propane and is manufactured in the Czech Republic. The bottle stands out with its new lightweight construction, which overcomes the disadvantages of traditional steel bottles.

Cylinder properties:

• Easy stacking, availability throughout the Czech Republic.
• Equipped with a safety valve, shrink wrap or a pull-tight security seal, which guarantees safe use and trouble-free operation.
• The weight of an empty propane cylinder is only 5.5 kg
• Antistatic and easy-to-wash design.
• G.12 connection like the modern European bottles, the joint seal is part of the bottle.

Steel propane cylinder 5kg – “The blue bomb”

The so-called “blue bomb” we introduced immediately got a lot of attention due to its versatility. The traditional 5kg steel propane cylinder has become a full replacement where the standard 10kg bottle does not fit. This bottle filled a gap in the market when there was a demand for smaller and more compact cylinders.

Cylinder properties:

• Easy to transport and store.
• Compact, but with sufficient propane content.
• It is the third most popular product in our sales network and we are still working on expanding its availability.
• Connectable with a regulator that is standard for 10 kg PB cylinders.

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We have been supplying propane-butane cylinders to companies in various industries for 30 years. We prepare traditional steel bottles as well as modern composites and their contents to meet your needs. For questions or orders, contact our sales representatives.

Advantages of fuel cylinders

Fuel cylinders serve as ideal fuel for forklifts and other commercial vehicles such as ice resurfacers. It provides high and smooth engine performance, lower fuel consumption and a longer period between bottle changes. Thanks to this, you get maximum utilization and financial savings on operation. For cylinders, we provide a quality guarantee and long service life of the forklift truck without unscheduled service, cleaning of the fuel system and trouble-free start of the engine.

pb cylinders are also used in companies

Reliable cylinders to power your forklifts

The youngest 10-kilogram cylinders from our product range are long-proven composite cylinders for powering forklifts, fitted with a valve that allows the cylinder to be safely and quickly connected to an adapter that can be easily fitted to most equipment powered by standard forklift cylinders.

Cylinder properties:

• Blue colour with distinctive yellow handles.
• Low weight of the empty bottle 5.2 kg.
• Equipped with a safety valve.
• Practical connection through a click valve to speed up bottle replacement.
• Minimized aeration of the connecting hose.
• Any forklift truck can be equipped with the valve.
• Easily stackable.
• Not to be confused with heating cylinders The forklift could be damaged.

10kg click composite gas cylinder for VZV

Traditional 10-kilogram fuel propane cylinders for forklifts are easy to recognize by their blue colour and the prominent labelling showing that they are used to power forklifts.

Cylinder properties:

• Valve equipped with safety fuse.
• Low weight of the empty bottle 5.4 kg.
• Easily stackable.
• Not to be confused with heating cylinders The forklift could be damaged.

our propane butane 10 kg cylinder for VZV is very popular

The most popular option for driving forklifts in the Czech Republic are anti-corrosion steel fuel cylinders containing 11 kilograms of propane. Thanks to their lightweight design their weight is reduced by 20%. They are used in a wide range of operations, because they feature a very high resistance, which makes them more suitable even for rougher environments..

Cylinder properties:

• The bottles are blue with a distinctive orange label on the collar and a sign showing they are intended for driving forklifts.
• The dimensions and volume remain identical to the regular PB cylinder.
• They undergo thorough inspections and are replaced depending on the service time of the cylinder.
• They are stackable and their weight has been reduced by 20%.
• Not to be confused with heating cylinders The forklift could be damaged.
• They are also intended for heavy industry.

anti-corrosion propane butane cylinders for VZV are currently the most popular

Didn’t you find a bottle or content that meets your requirements? We also supply cylinders tailored to your needs. Contact our sales representative. They will answer all questions, help with the selection and make sure that the order is placed correctly.

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